Day of the Old Wheeler

Day of the Old Wheeler

Come Enjoy a fun family day out at the Old Wheeler's Club to celebrate the Day of the Old Wheeler.

Entrance is free 
With plenty of beer on tap and food and other merchandise for sale.

Visit our brand new Motoring Museum which will be officially opened on the day.

We will also draw our raffle winners where you can win your very own Old Wheeler or one of many other prizes.
There are still plenty of raffles for sale - you can buy tickets at the club or with OWC members. There will also still be raffles on sale on the Day of the event.


Day of the Old Wheeler
Dates: To be announced
Venue: Old Wheelers Club, Rugby Road, Olympia, Windhoek
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Beer Festival Namibia (Bier Fees Namibie)
Start: 30 October, 2020
End: 31 October, 2020
Location:   SKW, Windhoek, Namibia