House Me Sundays

House Me Sundays

House Me Sundays:

House Me Sundays launched on Sunday 4th February 2018 @ Action Arena - Opposite Olympia Swimming pools

Introducing Namibia's finest talents - arts - performance and the best deep house music great to the ear. The event offers the best braai's - paintball shooting with friends - drinks, DJ's and more...

House Me Sundays will be taking place the first Sunday of each month, YES! every month!!!

We will be creating the awareness on the 04 February 2018 to all males regarding prostate cancer sponsoring the one and only cancer association - Launch plans follows

Each team will be encourage to have at least 4 members per team with a maximum of 10
members. Each team will be provided with a family name baton, which will be passed
between members throughout the course. Team members can play together, however, each
member of the team must carry the baton.
Each team must successfully pass a prostate challenge, where trivia questions with respect
to prostate health will have to be answered by team members. Once the team members
successfully answer 5 questions, they can continue on with the remainder of their play. After
the play celebrations include artist, braai and musical entertainment. Prostate health
speakers MC will talk between musical acts throughout the remainder of the days activities.

Standard Cover Charge : NAD50

Silver Package : NAD150 (Includes paintball rounds)

Gold Package : NAD300 (Includes paintball and platter)

All ticket sales will be donated as a charity to the association

Contact : for more detail

House Me Sundays
Dates: To be announced
Phone: +264818247278
Venue: Action Arena Olympia